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The FIFTY50 Guide
The Key To Happiness!
My career in entertainment industry has given me the opportunity to watch, listen and learn from some of the smartest people in the media business. I’ve spent the past 10 years managing a extensive media business portfolio in Asia and for almost half of those 10 years, my wife and I lived in Hong Kong.

During my time in the sport and entertainment business, I have had a chance to see the world… literally. I have over 3 MILLION lifetime miles on America, 1.5 MILLION on United and over a hundred thousand each on Delta and Quantas. That’s a lot of flying and as my wife often says, proof that I’m never home.

You are probably asking yourself what is the connection between a balanced life and sports? The answer is one of those ‘Ahaaa’ moments - 24 hours of sports on TV for you, means a 24-hour work culture and environment for people who work in sports.

For a major portion of my career, I was frequently away from home evenings and weekends, which is when Live sports happens. While you are at home with the family on Christmas or New Year’s or enjoying that 4
th of July family barbeque, just remember that there are a people in sport TV industry manning the forte. This is the seldom talked about part of life in sports.

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So after 30 years of working long days and from distances that are not conductive to long term personal relationships in a stress laden career field, I have developed an understanding of the urgent and constant need to work on balancing my life at home and at work. An understanding that I often think of as personal survival.

To assist you in your quest to survive and bring balance to your life, explore the Fifty50 Guide, a helpful tool in understanding that there are key factors in our lives that determine how successful we can be in reaching a strong Work Life Balance.

The Fifty50 Guide is an action plan for success. Success not defined by a big salary and promotions, but by a balanced lifestyle.

And for those of you still thinking about the air miles I have accumulated, I should note that there have been a sizeable number family flights between Asia, the US, Latin America and Europe with loving family members who have had no problem sharing in that bounty.

Fifty50 Live It!


FIFTY50 A Guide to a successful Work Life balance
Author: Stewart, Bernard

Review Date: DECEMBER 17, 2009
Publisher: Create Space (122 pp.)
Price (paperback): $14.99
Publication Date: March 2010
ISBN (paperback): 1-4392-6904-1
Category: AUTHORS

FIFTY50 is a process, a skill set that provides lasting solutions that help you create a strong Work Life Balance. It is not an impossible task.


Main Objective

Your very good plan for equalizing a work-life balance should get lots of second looks from people who are tired of the 85:15 work-life ratio they may be experiencing. You clearly state your
FIFTY50 premise, emphasizing that it would work best if everyone in a company were to get on board to simplify the planning and control factors.

Even if entire companies do not subscribe to
FIFTY50 as a way of improving efficiency and employees' collective well-being, you have set forth the justification for individuals to attempt implementation. You convincingly argue that a balanced lifestyle is a more appropriate indicator of success than an over-the-moon salary and that FIFTY50 is the way to go.


A major strength of your book is the way you've enhanced explanations of the finer points of
FIFTY50 with stories from the trenches that illustrate your points. My favorite is the one about negotiations with a Japanese partner. Five minutes of patience and silence. Impressive. This is an excellent story that readers will probably reread. It is a truly revealing story about the importance of control and planning. Readers tend to remember colorful stories like this, and then apply the lessons in a more focused way to their own situations.

The stories you provide are particularly salient because you share details from not only your business life but your personal life as well. For example, the vignette on
p. 50 about planning around a wheelchair-bound family member will most likely resonate with many readers who are facing similar situations and must find ways to achieve a positive quality of life.

And with each new story, you provide visual cues to readers that a juicy new anecdote is about to unfold: the text changes from plain text to italics and line spacing goes from space and a half to single. These cues help readers become more engaged with the storytelling segments in which you make the most out of teachable moments by explaining concisely how you confronted professional and personal challenges to improve your work-life balance.

Tone and Style

Your tone is enthusiastic and credible; your storytelling skills work magic. This could have been a very different book in the hands of someone less imaginative (e.g., more academic in tone and less interesting). You bring the concepts to life through humor and firsthand tales of success with
FIFTY50. You also convey the universality of the need to balance work and family life; the challenges seem to be the same in Hong Kong as they are in Boston.