David the Futurist

The challenge of developing a strong work life balance comes in an array of formats. I was recently taking a look at a close friends business profile and his hectic speaking schedule. He's a futurist. His name is David Houle. We have known each other for years and share the same birth date, July 3rd.

David has developed a solid following of business execs and people who find it a meaningful and productive task to think long and hard about the future. Shift Age is David's book and I found it fascinating. Oprah's content team seems to feel the same; David is a contributing editor to oprah.com.

On a comparative note, I found parallels to Fifty50 and his thinking about the future. I have adopted a more personal and self help perspective but in the end, understanding the future and planning for it is also what Fifty50 is all about.

Great to have strong minds like David pushing for us to embrace the future plan and not fear it.