Fity50 Guide to A Successful WLB

So, what is work-life balance (WLB)? And further, why the need for a book titled FIFTY50: A Guide to a Successful Work Life Balance?

Work today has become a major part of how we define our lives. The concept of FIFTY50 is built on a very simple, commonsense premise: that if we can find the right balance between work and family, we will find ourselves well on the way to a life based on us being happy, productive, and valued at both work and home; that is, the “good life” we all seek to achieve every day.

The path that led me to believing in FIFTY50 is built on years of conversations—call it “counseling,” if you like—with some of the brilliant, energetic, but often exhausted young people with whom I’ve worked. As I talked with them, I came to realize that a commonality was forming: these smart and successful individuals were stressed out by a never-ending series of multiple responsibilities and challenges at work and at home. This situation seemed most threatening whenever they found themselves immersed in work so deep that it intruded heavily into their personal lives. This imposition caused conflict and the fallout from that conflict was invariably negative, whether it was poor health, family strife, or even divorce.

The time spent discussing these issues, combined with reflec
tions on my own life, became for me something of a filtering process. It helped me to identify what really mattered and also exactly what prevents most of us from achieving that good life we’re after.

In a sense,
FIFTY50 is about people assessing their lives, asking the right questions about what they want out of life, and then acting upon the answers. We can usually ask the right questions if we are familiar with the topic, and what topic could we be more familiar with than our own lives?

Let’s talk it out... tell us in the comment session about you the challenge Work Life Balance presents to you!