IT IS IMPORTANT TO remember that having control over your life and achieving a positive outcome for events and activities at home and at the office are the end products of the FIFTY50 process. It’s really not a hard process to understand and it is easy to apply to your life. No long list of sequential “self-help” steps to follow or remember.

FIFTY50 Live it! It’s not hard to do. If you are able to open your eyes and take a breath at the beginning of your day, this book is for you.

Kindle EBook Edition

Great news for e-book readers!!! “Fifty50 A Successful Guide To Work Life Balance” is Available from the Kindle Book Store On Friday April 23!

David the Futurist

The challenge of developing a strong work life balance comes in an array of formats. I was recently taking a look at a close friends business profile and his hectic speaking schedule. He's a futurist. His name is David Houle. We have known each other for years and share the same birth date, July 3rd.

David has developed a solid following of business execs and people who find it a meaningful and productive task to think long and hard about the future. Shift Age is David's book and I found it fascinating. Oprah's content team seems to feel the same; David is a contributing editor to

On a comparative note, I found parallels to Fifty50 and his thinking about the future. I have adopted a more personal and self help perspective but in the end, understanding the future and planning for it is also what Fifty50 is all about.

Great to have strong minds like David pushing for us to embrace the future plan and not fear it.



From: Geoff Armstrong
Subject: RE: Update

Hi Bernard, it is very good to hear from you, and my apologies for not coming back to you much sooner. I have been away from my computer for a few days.
I am coming off the busiest year of my working life — I was a consultant to the National Rugby League and Australian Rugby league as the game celebrated its centenary, and also worked on the game’s centenary history book and had books published by the cricketers Ricky Ponting and Justin Langer, rugby union’s George Gregan and the great rugby league coach Wayne Bennett. I’m not really sure how I fitted it all in, but we survived. This year (taking a bit of Bernard Stewart’s advice), I’ve scaled back a little, but I am working on SBS’s Ashes cricket coverage, as well as working with Ricky Ponting on another book (this one on this year’s Ashes series in England) and preparing a history of Australian cricket (a longer-term project).
Best wishes
Geoff A.


Fity50 Guide to A Successful WLB

So, what is work-life balance (WLB)? And further, why the need for a book titled FIFTY50: A Guide to a Successful Work Life Balance?

Work today has become a major part of how we define our lives. The concept of FIFTY50 is built on a very simple, commonsense premise: that if we can find the right balance between work and family, we will find ourselves well on the way to a life based on us being happy, productive, and valued at both work and home; that is, the “good life” we all seek to achieve every day.

The path that led me to believing in FIFTY50 is built on years of conversations—call it “counseling,” if you like—with some of the brilliant, energetic, but often exhausted young people with whom I’ve worked. As I talked with them, I came to realize that a commonality was forming: these smart and successful individuals were stressed out by a never-ending series of multiple responsibilities and challenges at work and at home. This situation seemed most threatening whenever they found themselves immersed in work so deep that it intruded heavily into their personal lives. This imposition caused conflict and the fallout from that conflict was invariably negative, whether it was poor health, family strife, or even divorce.

The time spent discussing these issues, combined with reflec
tions on my own life, became for me something of a filtering process. It helped me to identify what really mattered and also exactly what prevents most of us from achieving that good life we’re after.

In a sense,
FIFTY50 is about people assessing their lives, asking the right questions about what they want out of life, and then acting upon the answers. We can usually ask the right questions if we are familiar with the topic, and what topic could we be more familiar with than our own lives?

Let’s talk it out... tell us in the comment session about you the challenge Work Life Balance presents to you!